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 Like most of the communities in Gold Country, Cache Creek was formed during the Gold Rush days. There are two stories on the origin of the town's name. Some say it is derived from the fur trade of the 1800s when supplies were stored or "cached" in the valley junction. Others say it came from a stagecoach robbery during the gold rush days. The bandits were being chased by the B.C. Provincial Police. One was killed and the other, badly injured, buried the loot along the creek bed. The robber succumbed to his injuries before he could return, and the treasure remains yet to be found...

Located at the junction of the Trans Canada Highway 1 and 97 North, Cache Creek is a popular stopover point for the weary traveller. Nestled along the Bonaparte river, the town has many gas stations, restaurants and motels to comfort travellers.

The desert climate of the area is unique in that trans-evaporation exceeds rainfall. The Village has taken advantage of this by partnering with the Greater Vancouver Regional District and Wastech in operating a landfill. Besides the employment created, the community has prospered from the revenues of this venture, boasting new village streets and equipment, low taxes, and being one of the few communities in the province that is completely debt free.

The village has adopted a 50's and 60's theme and this is celebrated each year on the second weekend in June with Graffiti Days, held in conjunction with the Old Time Drags. Vehicles 1970 and older race at the Eagle Motorplex, then parade through Ashcroft ending at the Cache Creek Park with show and shine. In the evening the Smoke Show gives everyone an opportunity to spin their tires and compete for prizes. This is followed by a dance in the 50's theme.

Historic Hat Creek Ranch is located 11km north of Cache Creek and offers visitors a trip back in time to the days of the gold rush. As a Roadhouse on the Old Cariboo Wagon road, Hat Creek Ranch was a stopping point for freight wagons and stagecoaches heading north. Visitors can tour through the restored buildings and the kekuli pit house or take a wagon ride on the original Old Cariboo Road.

The area's warm, dry climate provides the perfect setting for a world class racing facility, the Nl'Akapxm Eagle Motorplex. The Motorplex located 7 miles south of town, hosts major national racing events throughout the summer months.

The Mother's day fly-in held each May at Campbell Hill airport just South of Cache Creek is growing in popularity and attracts many aircrafts and spectators from around the region for the pancake breakfast.

Population: 1100
Elevation: 396m.
Average daytime summer temperature: 29.6C
Average daytime winter temperature: -6C

Amenities include:

  • Accommodation
  • Camping
  • Grocery store
  • Restaurants
  • Service Stations
  • Outdoor public pool
  • Municipal Park
  • Shopping
  • Golf
  • 3,310ft. paved Airstrip